What are some fun facts about cannabis?

There are undoubtedly several things to learn about cannabis. Getting as much information as possible about cannabis and its fact will let you know how the magical plant has evolved over the years. Cannabis, weed, or marijuana is one of the most popular plants globally. It is famous for its intoxicating power as well as its medicinal properties. Even if you have yet to consume cannabis, learning of its benefits will make you step into a cannabis store one day. However, here are some fun facts about cannabis:

1. Williams Shakespeare’s Creativity Was Fueled by Cannabis

It would interest you to know that Shakespeare was a consumer of cannabis. He was renowned for his great works and regarded as an all-time famous poet and playwright. Shakespeare’s creativity and excellence remain one of the greatest in the history of English literature. 

Traces of cannabis were discovered in Shakespeare’s pipe fragments, which corroborate the assumption that his intriguing creativity of Shakespeare was catalyzed by cannabis. With this, stoners hope to enhance their creative minds by smoking cannabis. 

2. Cannabis Have Different Effects on Different Age Groups

The consumption of cannabis affects different age groups differently. It affects adults psychoactively but it may create severe adverse effects on teenagers that consume cannabis over a long period. The impact of longer consumption of cannabis on teenagers may leave a permanent mental scar, such as reduced memory power and low IQ. On the contrary, consuming cannabis for a longer time among adults improves their IQ and physical wellness. 

3. The Most Popular Drug Worldwide is Cannabis

It is not surprising that cannabis is the most popular drug globally. Apart from finding a cannabis store in several locations globally, several illegal trading goes on in different countries. It is discovered that about 3.8% of the world population consumes cannabis regularly. As a result, many countries are beginning to legalize cannabis use for recreational and medicinal purposes. Besides, cannabis compounds are used in many drugs used for treating ailments like anxiety and chronic pains.

4. Cannabis Leaves Do Not Intoxicate

Consuming cannabis leaves alone does not give a kick. Although cannabis leaves contain cannabinoid compounds, they are minimal and cannot cause euphoric effects. To get a kick, lots of cannabis leaves and their buds need to be consumed to feel its potency. You need to visit a cannabis store to get cannabis products that offer all the effects of cannabis.

5. Urine Test to Detect Can’t Be Cheated 

Cannabis will be detected in the urine even if its consumption was stopped 24 hours before the test. Traces of cannabis will also be found in urine three days after cannabis has been consumed. In regular cannabis consumers, traces of cannabis will be detected 5-7 days after taking it.