The best Times With Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran goes by several names, and Teddy Sheeran is one of them. Sadly, Ed’s semi-famous cats, Calippo and Dorito, have both gone away. However, Graham, Ed’s second semi-famous cat, will continue their legacy. The adoration he has for felines is well-documented. Now here are the things about ed sheeran pets.

The Cats Of Ed Sheeran

Cats are “clever pussies,” according to Ed Sheeran, and they’ve got their own Instagram account. Ed Seaborn and his wife Cherry may have had to use their thumbs for some of the process, however. With over 290,000 followers, Calippo and Dorito’s pseudonym, TheWibbles, has been quite popular.

Calippo gets his name from a frozen dessert popular in the United Kingdom, while Dorito gets his moniker from the colour of his ears, which are orange. Ed Sheeran rescued the life of a stray dog named Graham after he was hit by a car and was to be put down.

What Kind Of Cats Are Ed Sheeran’s?

A Scottish Fold cat, Calci, is Ed Sheeran’s pet. Taylor Swift, a friend of Ed Sheeran’s, also has a Scottish Fold cat. Coincidence? But who knows? Dorito is a handsome young ginger tabby cat with white markings. Like him, Graham had a tabby coat.

The Life And Times Of Ed Sheeran

Since his birth on February 17, 1991, British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran’s net worth has been estimated at over $65 million. The No. 5 Collaborations Project, an independent extended play album published in 2011, drew the attention of Jamie Foxx and Elton John, respectively, early in 2011. He released his debut album, named Plus, later that year.

Cat Graham

In January 2014, Ed Sheeran tweeted that a one-month-old cat was set to be put down, so he chose to adopt the kitten and name him Graham. Almost immediately, he had a bed, some food, and a Twitter account ready for him (which has over 71,000 followers).

Girlfriends Cherry Seaborn And Their Cats Two Types Of Scottish Fold

After announcing his engagement to Cherry Seaborn in December of 2016, he announced their plans to live together in January of 2017. We don’t know whether they’ve gotten more cats, but we assume he meant that the two of them are now living together in the same home. Recently, he’s posted two photographs of cats on Instagram that lead us to believe they’re of him and his girlfriends. Taylor Swift, a close friend of Ed Sheeran’s, owns two Scottish dogs, and the two have been often seen together. It has been documented that Sheeran is seen with the two of them.

Tabby Dorito: These Original Orange Doritos

Ed Sheeran’s orange tabby, Dorito, is named after him! Perhaps the singer was enchanted by the dog’s orange ears, which resembled the snack’s chip-shaped ears. Dorito, Ed Sheeran’s dog at the time who had escaped from their three-story building with his fiancée Cherry Seaborn, once found himself in a courtyard that they weren’t allowed to access. Cherry had to wrap scarves around a laundry basket, coax Dorito with food, and then extract him out of the basket in order to keep him safe.

Scottish Fold Calippo

This is Ed Sheeran’s Scottish Fold guitar called Calcio! Sheeran and Seaborn have two cat-children, Calippo being one of the most famous of the two. Cherry is the name of the second cat-child. Ed’s favourite British frozen treat, Calippo, inspired the moniker of Calippo.