This Is The Ultimate Guide To New Rolex GMT-Master

When international aviation began, it became necessary to create a Rolex GMT-Master. By using a clock face that shows both local time and home time simultaneously, the wearer is able to see both local time and home time simultaneously. Throughout its history, the Rolex GMT has seen a number of tweaks, but its basic concept has remained the same. The GMT-Master is a highly valuable watch because of its faithfulness to this appearance.

On the secondary market, GMT-Master II stainless steel typically sells for more than twice as much as it originally cost, as the watch is perpetually sold out at retailers due to heightened demand. 

The Details Of The Gmt-Master Key Are As Follows:

  • 1955 – Introduced for the first time.
  • A pilot and airline crew training program.
  • 1982 Released, GMT-Master II.
  • 24-hour display that rotates.
  • The addition of a 24-hour inhand.
  • At 3 o’clock, the date is displayed.
  • The movement of the watch is automatic and chronometer-certified.
  • Caseback and crown are screw-down.

Variations And Pricing Of A Rolex GMT-Master

Originally released in 1955, a Rolex GMT-Master became an icon of the wristwatch industry. It was designed to cater to the demands of air crews and pilots in response to the increased accessibility of transatlantic flight. It has emerged as one of Rolex’s most recognizable models.

Watch Variations And Pricing For A Rolex GMT-Master II

Despite its 1982 debut, Rolex GMT -Master I watches continue to be produced today. However, GMT-Master II watches and their new independent 24-hour hands will not be available until 1999. Rolex has upgraded their movements, luminescent materials, bezels, bracelets, and even cases over the years. Despite the ubiquity of modern electronic devices, the blueprint of the original 1950s watch continues to endure.

Rolex Gmt-Master: An Investment Worth It?

At the time of release in the late 1950s, this watch retailed for less than $1,900, but it has since become one of the most recognizable vintage Rolex GMT watches. In today’s market, many examples are valued over $10k, and some of them are over $30k. A popular choice among watch lovers is the ceramic bezel ref.116710BLNR, which sold for just under $9k when it first went on sale in 2013. As of now, it costs around $15k or $18k for this model with the Oyster bracelet.

Is Rolex GMT-Master II worth investing in? The price you paid for the item should be considered, as well as factors such as the rarity, condition, and age.