Things You Need To Know About Rolex Yachtmaster

You must know about the diverse sports collection from Rolex if you are a luxury watch fan. The best part about investing in the Rolex yacht master is that it is available in different metals and sizes. Also, it has been combined with varying materials of bracelet styles and bracelets. The Rolex Yachtmaster collection is a hub of more than a dozen references in less than 30 years of period. The watches are nautical-inspired, and there are two models available under the series that is Yachtmaster and Yachtmaster 2. Even though the original Yachtmaster was truly ultra-luxurious but the second one was built purposely to time out the competitive sailing. Even though both the watches from the luxury brand are prominent, they are indeed known for their impeccable designs and quality.

If you are here to buy a Rolex Yachtmaster, then you must know about some essential elements like pricing and features before you make any buying decision.

Rolex Yachtmaster One

It is available in different case sizes, from 29 mm to 42 mm. The other material options include rolesium, 18 karat gold rose gold and white gold. Furthermore, it has different functions like time featuring date and display running seconds. The water-resistant feature is 400 metres or 330 feet. You can expect the strap bracelet made from the oyster bracelet.

Rolex Yachtmaster 2

The second model from the same series is available in only one case size, which is around 44 mm. Stainless steel 18 karat yellow gold and white gold are the material options. The watch’s functions include time featuring running seconds customizable countdown timer featuring mechanical memory. The water resistance is 100 metres or 330 feet. The oyster bracelet is the only strap available in the second model.

Should You Buy Rolex Yachtmaster, Or You Should Pre-Own It?

The main difference between buying a new Rolex versus a pre-owned one is undoubtedly the price. When you buy a retail model, you have to pay a premium price, especially if you plan to buy a precious metal watch. On the flip side, you can get Yachtmaster for a cost-effective rate, and several people consider a pre-owned one as a better investment option. But it all depends on the specifics are the objective of buying the watch. The price of pre-owned Rolex is likely to vary depending on different factors, including the year of production alloy condition of the watch.