Red wiggler worms- FAQs

Are you into worm farming? If yes, that’s some great news. It is considered a great way to use the kitchen waste of your home to provide your family with the most nutritious food. Here comes the need for worms, and the most useful among them is considered to be the red wigglers. These worms are known for their easy maintenance. However, still it is wise to know a few things before making a purchase of red wigglers from Vers L’avenir

  • What do red wigglers need to survive? 

Being the most commonly used worms for composting, the red wigglers have high tolerance levels and can survive in different conditions. No matter if you are living in cold areas or hot regions, you can go for these worms without any hesitation. 

  • Can they survive winters?

Like many other people out there, you may be worried about whether the red wigglers can survive cold winters. To your good news, yes they can survive. All you need to do is make sure that the composting system is insulated from the outside elements. If the temperature drops too low, it can get a bit risky, but with proper care, everything will go well. 

  • What do they consume? 

As the red wigglers are omnivores, they can feed on anything, and you don’t have to give it much thought. However, talking about their most preferred food, they love eating plant matter. 

  • How to take good care of these worms? 

Mild temperatures and a moist environment work best for them, so, you should try to maintain these conditions. Also, don’t let the temperature drop too low or don’t let it get too high, as it can harm the worms. However, with good care, the red wigglers remain happy and healthy all year round. Although the red wiggler worms need very little maintenance, complete ignorance is never an option. 

Summing Up

As of now, you have got answers to the most frequently asked questions about the red wiggler worms. However, if you still have any more doubts or questions, you are free to reach out to the best shop in your town. They will guide you with all the required details before you make a purchase. And as you get the worms, be ready to enjoy worm farming or composting!