Real Estate

Why You Should Find a Property in KohSamui?

KohSamui is one of those places that has plenty to offer and where there are fantastic deals to be had – especially on accommodation near the beachfront and villas with spectacular sea views. There are also some wonderful hidden gems inland where low-key luxury can be found at a fraction of the price of beachfront properties, so no matter what your budget, there’s something for you.

How to find Property in KohSamui?

Of course, the place to look for property in KohSamui is the internet. Many tour companies offer a variety of short and long term properties on KohSamui. Some are better than others, and sometimes you can identify an available property that suits your needs rather than taking all the others at a glance.

There are also some fabulous villas for rent or purchase, and these are often far better value for money as rental properties, especially in low season, are less common. However, in high season, you will very rarely find anything to let as everyone wants to get their perfect beachfront villa with fantastic views.

Reason for finding Property in KohSamui:

  1. Many places in KohSamui are not much more than shacks and the beachfront properties are overpriced, but there are some fabulous villas inland that don’t have a sea view but offer a quiet location with plenty of space at better price points than the resorts.
  1. We wanted to be near enough to the shops, restaurants and entertainments with straightforward, easy access yet be far enough away from the bustle of the busy areas of the island.
  1. We had never been to KohSamui before, so it was essential to find someone with local knowledge, and we found that person in our agent who sold us this fantastic house on The Mountain.
  1. We wanted a holiday home that was beachfront in the high season as it’s the busiest time of year, and we also wanted to be able to rent out the property at other times of the year.

What makes the real estate in KohSamui special?

Here are some points which make real estate in KohSamui special:

  • Property in KohSamui welcomes attractive residential places and activities such as sports centres, schools, hospitals, libraries, and complexes.
  • The prices of properties allocated to the marketplace by developers towards a community or society for people who live in that community, built partly or wholly on land owned by someone else.
  • The prices of properties allocated towards a community or society for people who live in that community, built partly or wholly on land owned by someone else.
  • KohSamui is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand, and the island is full of hidden gems, so many visitors return year after year. People are happy to stay for long periods, buy a villa and then settle down. It has all the things you need.
  • KohSamui is ideal for those looking to escape from the rat race and relax on a tropical island surrounded by crystal clear azure water, white sandy beaches and lush green hillsides with an abundance of natural wildlife amongst unspoiled surroundings.