What Is Money lineIn Sports Betting and How It Works in Major Playground

The Moneyline bet is a specific type that allows the user to bet on one side to win outright in a 메이저놀이터. In that case, the oddsmakers set the Moneyline bet depending upon the game and event.

The Moneyline bet is popular in the betting world as it allows the bettor to pick one side that will win. The bettors generally like to play on the Moneyline for specific bets such as baseball, hockey, one-and-one sports, etc. Read the article till its end to know more about Moneyline.

What Is Moneyline Bet

Moneyline bet is another simple wager on sports betting. Moneyline betting generally has three types of outcomes after betting, and it involves playing with two people simultaneously.

For some specific game types, such as soccer and boxing matches, it comes with the third option in 토토사이트, which is a draw. The draw means there will be no winner or loser after the game. If the bettors choose the outcome, the money line pays off as per the outcome.

The Moneyline is a simple game, as it doesn’t have points spread. In that case, the bettor will pick a winning side of a team or draw if the betting offers are drawn.

How Does It Work

When placing the bet, the bettor will be presented with two options: Team A and Team B. After that, you need to select the team and place your bet over it.

Placing the Moneyline bet is quite simple, and there are certain things that you should understand. Generally, a money line bet is presented with one positive and one negative number in the sportsbook. These are the odds based on a particular Moneyline bet. Whether the (+) sign indicates the favorite team of the game, the (-) sign will represent the underdog team.

Moneyline Example

Here the Moneyline examples are given below, hope it will help you: let’s see the NFL example here:

It May Start Like This:

  • New England -240
  • Miami Dolphins +220

To bet on New England, you need to spend 240$, and you can win 100$ from there if the team beats the Miami team. In that case, your return will be $ 340 – as the original bet price is 240$ and the winning money is 100$.


Hopefully, you have understood what Moneyline is and how it works on the toto site. If you have not tried this before, then have a try on your luck with the most popular method of betting.