Best ways to hang living room curtains

Living room curtains are the best way to move from drab to fab to make your living room fabulous. In living room curtains, you will find a lot of creative liberty. Curtains are used in a stylish feature. Enjoy the privacy and lighting management at the same time as also promoting the coloration, texture, and style of the curtains. One element to keep in mind is to hang the curtain rod at least 6 inches above the top of the window body of the living room. Your living room will be guaranteed to seem larger and extra open. You will find lots of best ways to hang curtains in the living room.

  1. Decorative Curtains style: Pull your curtains to each side of your sprawling home windows. Every curtain panel is hooked up to a quick curtain rod, now not bearing in mind it to be stretched across the span of the windows. This style of putting the living room curtains are purely for decoration.
  2. Classic Curtains style: Don’t forget about the charm of the classic curtain. Although reputedly simple, it features a timeless appeal and might blend with any redecorating style.
  3. Curtain Holdbacks style: hold your curtains properly tucked lower back with the usage of curtain holdbacks or tiebacks.
  4. Window Scarf style: Window scarves are a superb way to spotlight any room. It could assist cover a curtain rod by uploading detail to the room via shade and texture.
  5. Single Panel style: Use a single panel to drape throughout a slim window.
  6. Pleated Curtains style: Pleated curtains create an extra traditional or formal fashion. Preserve this in thoughts if those are the style of curtains you desire to apply. There are numerous one-of-a-kind styles of pleats that you can create with your curtains: container, pinch, and inverted, to name some.
  7. Full Window Treatment style: give your windows the whole treatment with a look like this one with the dramatic and complex that completely dressing up your windows.
  8. Floor Length Curtain style: The length of those curtains slightly brushes the floor, giving it a polished feel. Use this kind of curtain to assist create the phantasm of having the most dramatic ground-to-ceiling windows and extending the feel of the room.
  9. Trio of Curtain Panels style: Feed all 3 panels through one long curtain rod, then separate them with one on every aspect and one in the middle. Using 3 panels across your home windows creates concord with the aid of the use of a strange number of panels. This also softens the center of the window and makes an eye-catching display.
  10. Tab-Top Curtain Panels style: Curtains with tab-tops (material sewn into loops at the pinnacle of the panel) make it easy to slide a rod through them. As the loops are cloth, it could be a chunk tough to slide the curtains back and forth.
  11. Playful Trim style: utilize the addition of trim in your curtains for a playful style.