Understanding Cannabis Distillate As A Product

When you look at cannabis distillate for sale, you often look at the purest range. In its most-refined form, distillate is a tasteless, odourless marijuana oil with an extremely high cannabinoid count. It goes through a short-path distillation process that removes any impurities, waxes, terpenes, flavonoids, or other plant matter. What is left behind is an oil that can often reach purity levels as high as 99%. The name of the oil indicates the cannabinoid that has been isolated, meaning THC options are an oil featuring practically nothing but pure THC. At the same time, CBD ranges contain nothing but CBD. This resulting product is much purer than other concentrates because it is processed more thoroughly. This popular form of marijuana is not only odourless, making it better for those who do not enjoy smoking. It can also be integrated with terpenes to replicate the flavour of almost any bud you might want. Read on to find out more about these various products.

How Is It Consumed?

Thanks to its versatility, distillate can be consumed in several different ways. Most commonly, distillates are vaporized or dabbed. They are also often sold in the form of oil cartridges that attach to vape pens, making them easier to ingest without having to set up anything. Vaporizing distillate produces a nearly odourless vapour that instantly induces effects. It can sometimes contain added flavouring in the form of terpenes, which is why you may see distillates at the 85-90% potency level. Distillate can also be added to flower buds and smoked, producing a more impactful high that takes on many properties of the bud is smoked. It can be conveniently dropped into pipe bowls or joints to give your flower an extra kick without changing its flavour. Because it is flavourless, distillate oil is frequently infused into cannabis edibles such as gummies, candies, and baked goods. Many edible manufacturers prefer to produce their edibles with distillate instead of cannabutter or other infused because it gives them more freedom when flavouring their products and takes many potential allergens out of the mix.

Alternative Options

Unsurprisingly, this form of marijuana can also be ingested as a standalone edible. In oil form, it can be eaten raw or added to any foods and drinks you may enjoy. For those seeking more immediate effects, it can be placed under the tongue to be consumed, but be mindful that you should start low and go slow as taking oils of this purity level tend to come on very strong, very fast, and can take a while to subscribe if too much is taken. Additionally, these extracts are sometimes used to make CBD/THC topical creams and salves for more external impact.

How Is This Refined Cannabis Made?

The distillate production process starts with the extraction of the oil. After it is either physically or chemically removed from the plant, the oil goes through a process called winterization, which works to remove any impurities or byproducts such as plant waxes, lipids, fats, and chlorophyll, among others. The resulting oil is then frozen, allowing many remaining byproducts to solidify in the cold temperature and separate from the oil. The oil is then decarboxylated to activate before being run through a short-path distillation process. This process uses heat and vacuum pressure to separate the cannabinoids from the rest of the oil. What is left is marijuana oil containing almost nothing besides pure cannabinoids.

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