The Ultimate DIY Bond Cleaning Guide

Do you have plans to explore a new city any soon? Don’t overlook the bond cleanup! End-of-lease cleaning should be perfectly done to earn the entire bond amount back. Here is the best DIY cleaning guide that will help you keep track of the chores!

Prepare And Plan

Planning is the key to a successful bond cleanup. End-of-lease cleaning will not be scary if you have the right strategy in hand. Organise the cleaning process to ease the cleanup pain. Remember, the tiniest dirt particle can dishearten the landlords. Try to maintain a pristine environment, before they come in for the final inspection. 

First off, make an ideal bond cleaning checklist. Set a deadline for the chores to minimise the lag. Begin decluttering, one room after the other. Don’t make the mistake of cleaning all the rooms, at a time. The cleanup will be ten times more challenging if done so. Gather the essentials including, sponges, magic erasers, baking soda, white vinegar, rubber gloves, bleach, rubber gloves, disinfectants, paper towels, a scrubber and a microfiber cloth, before beginning the cleanup. 

Ensure To Begin From The Top

Don’t sweep right away. Always start with the cleanup of the light fittings, ceiling fans, window sills, and window blinds. Else, your work may double up. Wipe down the fixtures with a microfibre cloth. Remove all the excess dirt and dust, stuck to their surfaces. 

Once done with that, focus on the furniture, floor, carpet, picture frames, rugs, and doors. The heavy chunks of dirt and filth should be eliminated manually. Inspect every corner of the house thoroughly, for any unseen grime. Sweep the area and then vacuum. Vacuuming will help bring back a spotless environment, in just a wink. Mop with a good disinfectant, later on. 

Deep Clean The Kitchen

The kitchen may be tough to handle, if dirty. Clean the kitchen every day, no matter what. Else, you may be forced to host pests and rodents. A clumsy and stinky kitchen is a pest’s idyll. Clean and sparkle the dishwasher, microwave oven and refrigerator. Don’t leave behind any dirt spots for the house owners. 

Take care of the garbage. Deal with them regularly to avoid further mess. Slight negligence can cost you a fortune. Tackle the dirt, grime and stains on the cooktops, countertops and kitchen cabinets. Eliminate the food spills and scraps, if any. Discard the unwanted stuff in the kitchen. Clear off the clutter to organise the space.

Don’t Ignore The Bathroom

Clean and disinfect the bathroom to rid the germs and bacteria. Wipe down the shower curtains and bathroom cabinets to retain their shine. 

Meet The Cleaning Specialists

Bond cleaning is certainly not a cakewalk. If you are planning to move out, make the necessary arrangements, to bring the house back to life with the help of well-known bond cleaners. Only then, will the landlords get impressed and return back the bond amount. Don’t panic, if you cannot manage the tasks alone.

Quickly seek some sort of professional aid. Don’t wait until the situation slips off hand. Research the finest bond cleaning professionals in the city and get in touch with them, at the earliest possible. If you have excellent referrals in hand, the time-demanding hunt can be dodged. The cleaning pros can get back the gloss, in flash.