Guidelines On How To Get Rid Of Black Eye Circle

Both men, as well as women, suffer from the problem of dark circles under the eyes at present. Moreover, we tend to feel rather horrible when we suffer from this condition. Since the skin around our eyes is sensitive, it will be a good idea to take the help of natural remedies instead of chemical products to alleviate this condition. Here, we have mentioned some tips on how to cure black circle eye (เทคนิคลดใต้ตาดำ, which is the term in Thai) in the following paragraphs.

1. Cold Milk

It is a fact that cold milk aids in soothing the skin around our eyes since cold milk happens to be a natural cleanser. The presence of lactic acid in cold milk helps to minimize puffiness as well as lighten the epidermis. Moreover, milk contains potassium that allows moisturizing of the skin so that it becomes supple and soft.

After soaking a cotton ball in milk make it a point to apply it to the area around the eyes that has become black. Following this, make sure to use cold water for rinsing the eyes. This process has to be repeated a minimum of 3 times every week.

2. Cold Tea Bags

Another way how to cure black circle eye will be the usage of cold tea bags. It will be better to make use of chamomile or green tea bags for getting fast outcomes. We are of the notion that the residual caffeine aids in the constriction of blood vessels that minimizes the flow of blood, providing relief from the black circles to a great extent.

After dipping tea bags in water, place them in the refrigerator for becoming chilled. Remove the bags from the fridge and place them gently on the eyes for about 15 minutes. This process must be repeated at regular intervals.

3. Rosewater

In case you are thinking of how to cure black circle eye then rosewater could be your ideal solution. This ingredient is rejuvenating as well as refreshing and you will be able to use it on virtually all types of skin as well as issues associated with skin ailments. Being a mild astringent, it will be possible to use rosewater as a skin toner as well.

Make sure to dip cotton eye pads in some rosewater before placing them over the eyes. You need to leave it like that for approximately 10 minutes. This procedure has to be repeated every night for 30 days for getting the desired results.