Face Life Surgery With HIFU Is The New Remarkable Trend

People, especially women, are very possessive about their looks and how their face looks with time. With the increasing age, the facial features and appearance start changing and deteriorating too. It is essential to take care of it at an earlier stage; otherwise, it will be challenging to get glowing skin like before. 

Though it is natural processing of skin aging, several surgical solutions help get the skin’s glow and texture back and opting for non-surgical solutions that do not involve needles or surgery. A well-known and famous way to do so is by facelift technique with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

What Is HIFU And How Does It Help?

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, popularly known as HIFU, is a process of face lifting with technological innovation gaining popularity these days. It uses high intensity ultrasound wave technology for the treatment. This helps in not conducting any surgery on the face with needles and helps avoid face recuperation. With this ultrasound technique, the results are visible just after the treatment.

Suitability And Applicability 

The ultrasound technology is suitable for people with various facial issues or problems such as

  • Sagging skin and drooping cheeks
  • Problems related to facial contour, wattle, and double chin
  • To get rid of the wrinkles around the eye 
  • Adjusting the shape of the face without surgery and needlework on the face
  • Wanting fast results in little time and reshape the face
  • Tightening and lifting the skin on the face or on a specific part of the body

The Procedure Of Conducting The Surgery

Sending high intensity ultrasound waves into the skin layer to lift it and make it look more attractive. With the process of HIFU, the heat is kept to be about 65-75 degrees, and it stimulates the creation of new skin cells and collagen, which is very important for the skin. 

This helps in making the skin smooth, soft, and naturally youthful. There are 20 % chances of seeing the result immediately and 100% effectiveness after 8 weeks. The procedure includes

Step 1: Consult a doctor to analyze the skin type and condition and conduct the treatment accordingly.

Step 2: Prepare the skin for cleaning before the ultrasound by removing makeup.

Step 3: Application of anesthesia for 30 minutes before for pain relief during the treatment. 

Step 4: The doctor will apply a gel to the skin. Afterward, the doctor will select a shot head and energy values to suit the skin being treated to provide them with the maximum safety and best results. The doctor messages on the face for lifting the areas. The skin exposed with the ultrasound will feel warm and heated during the procedure.

Step 5: Approximately 45-90 minutes are needed for the treatment, and then you can return to your regular daily routine.