Different Laser Services: Marking, Etching, Engraving, and Cutting

Businesses widely use laser machines in fabrication and design to achieve precision, accuracy, reduced material waste, speed, and flexibility. Common industries profiting and benefitting from laser services are manufacturing, merchandising, decorating enterprises, and even the medical field.

Several laser services have different uses, such as laser marking, laser etching, laser engraving, and laser cutting in Perth

Keep on reading to find out how they differ from each other and how they apply to your business.

Process and Application

  1. Laser Marking- This refers to the concentration of a light beam to cause discolouration and leave lasting marks on a surface without penetration. It can be used in industries using identification barcodes, serial numbers, and labels to identify parts and products required for compliance.
  2. Laser Etching- This process occurs when the material absorbs a specific amount of energy enough to melt its micro surface and cause it to expand. Some examples are laser etching on aluminium materials, surgical tools, bespoke jewellery, and household tools. 
  3. Laser Engraving- Laser can engrave on different materials by leaving marks and vaporising layers from the surface. This laser service is used most for customising consumer products such as tumblers, pens, etc.
  4. Laser Cutting- This is the process of using the laser beam on the material’s surface and applying heat strong enough to vaporise it thoroughly. The cutting process will begin when the laser beam completely penetrates the object. The most common use of laser cutting is in reproducing automotive parts, making moulds, jewellery-making, and others.


Depth of Penetration and Temperature

  • Laser marking does no penetration on the surface of the material and leaves marks by only causing discolouration. Applying low heat to the surface can leave lasting markings.
  • Laser etching usually reaches a depth of approximately 0.0001 to 0.001 inches from the surface. Medium-high heat is enough to etch on various materials.
  • Laser engraving can range from less than 0.020 to 0.125 inches. It requires high heat to remove layers off a surface and engrave details using a laser.
  • Laser cutting completely penetrates through the surface. Among all the laser services, laser cutting requires the highest energy output to produce heat strong enough to cut through the surface.


Laser services above apply to product design, identification, fabrication, and others. They can produce finished products to help your business complywith branding, marketing, designing, and research and development.

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