7 Steps to find a good customs broking agent

Shipping goods from one port to another or from one destination to another can be stressful as it involves a long list of formalities. Moreover, the complicated customs process doesn’t allow the company to breathe with peace. You can save all your hassle and stress by hiring a customs broker. These professionals are dedicated to ensure that you get customs clearance for a smooth shipment.

Some research online of referring to this article can help you find a trustworthy customs broker for your company. With a professional by your side, you can make things look easier than it was.

Follow the 7 steps to find a good customs broker:

  1. Learn the responsibilities and roles of a customs broker. There is a major difference between a freight forwarder and a customs broker. People often expect a lot from a broker and end up in miscommunication or misunderstanding. A customs broker helps you with the shipment of import and export of goods. A freight forwarder deals with storing, packing, and shipment of the freight.
  2. You need a customs broker to help you understand the complicated process of customs clearance. It is only a broker that can help and that is allowed to represent your company than any other staff member of your company. Find a broking firm that is experienced and knowledgeable with customs terms, rules, and regulations.
  3. Seek clarification on the various services offered by a customs broking firm. A majority of them support the client with filing of documents, calculating the freight, taxes, duties, etc…, and act as an intermediary to seek and provide regular updates on customs clearance.
  4. Hire a customs broker from a reliable source like a personal referral or trusted online sites. Meet a few good recommended brokers personally and find out more about them. Meeting them helps to understand their expertise, knowledge, and experience in customs broking.
  5. Discuss the charges for contractual broking if you have regular business. Hiring one trusted broking firm that knows your business and history well would save you time, money, and efforts every time.
  6. Do not compromise on the customs broking firm’s license status. A good company has a valid legal license to perform as customs broker. is one of the prime examples of the same.
  7. Clarify everything before you make a contract to work with them. It helps to maintain a cordial relation with the customs broker.