Are you looking for an online customs broker in the United States?

To import goods to the country, you need customs clearance documents. Both commercial and personal goods require clearance to dispatch the shipment from abroad. 

It is necessary for goods coming to the country via the land, air, and ocean. Luckily there are online brokerage service providers like Clearit USA customs clearance offering some of the best services in the country. Find out more about customs clearance here.

Who is a customs broker?

A customs broker is an entity that can help with customs clearance on your behalf. You have to sign a power of attorney to let the broker transact on your behalf. 

They have better know-how and skills in documentation, online processing, etc., of customs clearance. Instead of trying to do things yourself, the broker will do the work for you hassle-free. 

What are the steps involved in customs clearance via a broker?

You can create an online account on a brokerage website and sign a power of attorney. The broker will start working on the clearance process once you submit all the necessary documents. 

All you have to do is pay the customs duty and brokerage fee after the processing of your clearance request. 

What about the brokerage fee?

The brokerage fee differs according to the website you are using. Some sites provide transparent pricing information where they display inclusive prices. Sometimes, to remain competitive, websites show unusually low prices at first. Later, they will reveal some hidden charges. You have to check for such issues before picking a broker service. 

Are there any criteria to choose brokerage service providers?

Thanks to the online portal, customs clearance is easier than ever today. You can have the clearance document in a couple of hours if you assign the work to a good customs broker. 

Besides the quick delivery, you can also look for features like dedicated live agents to keep you updated, doorstep delivery of cargo, etc. 

Concluding thoughts 

Customs clearance is a must to import any goods to the USA. You can do it yourself if you are confident. But, it is more convenient to give the task to a brokerage firm like Clearit

Since there are websites providing clearance services, you can rely on them for convenience. All you have to do is submit the documents and pay the fees. 

The customs will release your cargo only after the clearance procedure is complete. So, without further ado, find an online customs broker and start with the customs clearance process.