4 Effective Advantages of Labeled Water-Activated Tape

Establishing a powerful, known brand is essential to success in increasingly competitive markets. Why is brand positioning important?

People growing acquainted with your image will identify it and draw toward it.

Observing your branding brings up memories of consumers’ great experiences with your organization, and empathy aids in closing deals. Your branding instils pride and trust in your employees and clients.

Your homepage, pamphlets, and other promotional materials are all brandable. However, water-activated tape, which may be used to secure cartons, is another fantastic opportunity to leverage your brand strength. It’s not something that each organization considers—however, those who do consider it an incredible aspect of brand recognition.

Fundamentals of Water-Activated Tape

Water-activated tape (WAT) outperforms polyester tape in many ways and is the top contender of packers who use both. WAT sometimes called mushed tape or paper tape comes in many styles.

WAT makes a strong, try to mess seal only with one piece, keeping a package sealed and deterring theft. When used via a water-activated tape dispenser rather than a hand-held tape gun, WAT reduces repetitive motion stress and concomitant injuries.

WAT can be utilized when the plastic tape is useless, such as in dusty, wet, and hot environments, and supply chain safety and product delivery guarantee are required. When it comes to advertising, WAT can be readily imprinted with slogans and text.

Water activated tape is used for a variety of reasons.

Water-activated tape is typically the ideal choice for your shipper for enhancing efficiency, improving safety, and reducing theft. Not everyone is acquainted with water-activated tape and consequently many individuals turn to utilising plastic, pneumatically plastic tape to seal their boxes.

The Benefits of Using Printed Water-Activated Tape to Brand Your Packages

A complete appearance. The appearance of packages closed with a simple strip of printed WAT is formal and neat. When many strips of plastic tape are being used to seal a box, the appearance is often rough and sloppy, which is not the image you want your product to give. You can also save expenses by using only two pieces of adhesive (carton top and bottom).

Higher marketing value for your money. Your equipment can be branded by getting your logo imprinted on cartons. Furthermore, if you are publishing on cartons, you will need a selection of carton shapes printed using your brand, which will increase the cost even more. Your marketing dollars will go beyond this material since printed WAT is used on any size box.

Promotions that is adaptable. It is also much easier to alter your wording on the tape than on the container. These shifting messages can be transmitted at a low cost and provide the possibility for a repurchase intention from the advertising message that comes ON the tape.

Packages that have been misplaced can now be identified more easily.

Start Taking Benefit of Branded Water-Activated Tape

It’s a nice bonus when a company resource provides you with top reasons in one. Customized WAT can accomplish everything from safe sealing to customizable messaging. They will support you when you’re ready to begin enjoying the rewards of labelling your products as they’re prepared for transportation.

Above mentioned are the different tapes and their uses.