What are the Structural Benefits of Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops have been extremely popular for the past many decades and it is a go-to pick for many homeowners. But what is this hype all about? There are multiple stones available to choose from, but what makes granite top the list? 

Granite provides a host of benefits, colors, patterns and textures to choose from. It is also very durable and can last a lifetime. Besides this, granite is a structurally stable stone that can very well handle daily pressure and abuses. 

Here are some other reasons why granite is so widely accepted.

Resistant to scratching and chipping

Granite is a very hard rock. The surface is very durable which prevents it from scratching, chipping or even breaking, despite repetitive use over the years. Even when it comes to fabrication, one will need steel-cutting lasers to cut through this stone and section it off into pieces. Hence, it is ideal to be used in homes. The granite has guaranteed durability.

Granite is easy to clean

Granite is a material which needs the least maintenance. This makes your task very easy. You need a simple solution of dish soap and water to clean it. All you have to do is, take a simple cotton cloth and wipe the surface with this solution. Once done, use a clean and dry cloth to dry wipe the surface. The granite will be back to being spotless and shining in no time and with no effort. Also, this stone is resistant to the growth of bacteria and molds and it does not hold back any dirt.

Resistant to stains, heat and moisture

Besides structural durability, granite can also prevent itself from getting damaged under high heat, stains and moisture. Although granite is a porous stone, sealing the surfaces will make it completely resistant to stains. The seals also need to reapplied after a certain time to help keep it stain-free. 

Also, you can easily put hot pans and appliances on the granite surface without worrying about it getting damaged by the heat. Like it can take in heat, moisture is a cakewalk for the stone. But to help increase its longevity, it is advised to immediately wipe off any spills that happen on the surface. This will prevent the discoloration process too.

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