The Most Effective Mae Ya Nang Worship Automobile For You

Mae Ya Nang is a prominent deity in the Buddhist religion, and worshipers come from all over to offer her sacrifices. Many people drive to her temple to make offerings, but why is the mae ya nang worship Automobile (ไหว้ แม่ย่านาง รถ, which is the term in Thai) best for this purpose? We will also recommend some essentials for traveling to Mae Ya Nang.

Mae Ya Nang

Mae Yanang is a ghost-guarding watercraft and various vehicles in the Thai, Cambodian, and Laotian civilizations. They dress in the customary garb of their ethnicities. The custom of honoring Mae Yanang derives from the veneration of female deities like Mae Phosop and Nang Kwak, which could have originated with the Chinese folk religion’s devotion to Mazu.

Beginnings Of Worship

Historically, large logs made primarily of Takhian wood, which resists decay well, were utilized to manufacture boats and other vehicles. And according to spiritualism and the spirit religion for mae ya nang worship Automobile, there is a swarm of angels in this tree. Later, some people thought Mae Yanang was holy and guarded other vehicles, like cars, planes, etc. A tricolor cloth and a garland are typically strung and hung on the path of worship, supposing that the steering column is Mae Yang’s residence.

Reasons To Worship

Thai people are highly ritualistic and devout, and they think that cars convey the soul of the Journey Goddess (Mae Yanang). A journey will be safe if it pleases the Voyage Goddess; flower bouquets are purchased from street market stalls and hung from the rear-view mirror.

How To Worship

The boat’s owner will participate in the ceremony by bringing meals, ducks, dried squid, pork belly, rice, fruits, tricolor cloth, silver paper, gold paper, flowers, water, and pomegranate stems. They will arrange these items on a tray and place them in the boat’s kitchen. They will then light incense and recite the Mae Ya Nang Rueda summoning. Receive an offering and give a prayer for safety, protection from harm, and finding a stable job. Purchase flowers, incense, and a tricolor fabric to tie the ship’s performance together.


The name says it all. Mae Ya Nang is a prominent deity who blesses those who offer her sacrifices. In addition to the vehicle, you will need accessories like incense, an incense burner, and flower garlands in your bag when making an offering at this temple. Check the quality and effectiveness of these accessories before purchasing!