Merits and demerits of using ceramic flooring for home

Ceramic tiles have picked a great demand over the years in flooring options. Due to their versatile nature, these make an excellent choice for commercial as well as residential properties. Other than several advantages of using ceramic tile installation, you must also know the disadvantages of using these. Learn both to be prepared and prevent risks in future.

Our article focuses on both and we will discuss unbiased views on ceramic flooring. Although you may be recommended by most designers to go for ceramic tiles, they wouldn’t let you know the drawbacks that come along. Unless you choose quality tiles like Ceramique au Sommet floor tiles you must worry about the demerits as well.

Merits and demerits of choosing ceramic flooring for residence:

Merits of ceramic flooring in residential properties:

  • These can resist water: Ceramic tiles make an excellent choice for their water resistance nature. These can absorb water and stains. Thus, most property owners prefer ceramic flooring especially for their bathroom, kitchen, and pool. 
  • Ceramic flooring is long lasting: Another merit of ceramic tile flooring is its durability. These are difficult to crack and good quality tiles last up to 20 years and even longer if maintained well. Moreover, these are easy to replace than repair.
  • Tiles do not contain allergens: Ceramic is non-porous and thus, you have no concerns of chemical reaction or allergies due to bacterial growth. Ceramic flooring doesn’t absorb animal hair, pollens, and dust unlike rugs or carpets.

 Demerits of ceramic flooring in residential properties:

  • Tough surface: Ceramic flooring can be hard and thus, these are easy to maintain. However, the hardness can sometimes make it uncomfortable to stand on for long. People will have to spend more on using rugs or carpets. 
  • Ceramic can get cold: One more demerit of using ceramic flooring is that it can turn cold. Thus, for people residing in colder regions or pleasant climate conditions, ceramic can make it uncomfortable to walk on as its gets chillier. Similarly, summers make the flooring warmer than usual. 
  • Weight: Weight is another concern to look at. Ceramic tiles can be heavier than other floor materials. Thus, installing these can be a concern for upper floors. You need a well-planned design and designer along with quality material like Ceramique au Sommet floor tiles to make a strong base for ceramic to stand on.