Bruce Weber Photographer Talks About the Factors That Can Improve Fashion Photography Outcomes

Fashion photography involves the practice of taking photos of accessories or clothing, typically with the intent of displaying their images in an editorial, in a commercial or artistic manner for the purpose of advertising. Fashion photography is often considered to be a subset of commercial photography that involves documenting anything that is available for commercial use. Bruce Weber Photographer is widely considered to have introduced a new level of artistry to commercial photography. He has been quite an eminent fashion photographer for decades.

In the majority of the cases, similar composition rules apply to fashion photography as any other photographic genre. However, this genre puts a lot of focus on emphasizing on the subject. Perfectly showcasing what they are wearing at the same time would require a good level of technical knowledge and skills.  Here are a few tips that can help people to take magazine-worthy shots:

  • Learn the Rule of Thirds:  Rule of thirds is a key photography guideline that helps in ensuring that an image composition is on point. To apply it, the photographers should divide their frame into nine, equal sized squares, similar to a tic-tac-toe grid. The subject has to be placed on any of the points where the lines intersect, in order to achieve balance. Almost all digital cameras today have a grid-line function that can be used to compose the perfect shots. The rule of thirds is particularly useful for photographers who aren’t too sure about where to place their models.
  • Place the Subject in the Center: As a photographer gets more experience, they can do away with the rule of thirds and place their subject right in the centre. If done smartly, this style can work perfectly for fashion portraits. As the main point of interest is already in the center, it will catch the attention of the viewer immediately.  However, one must also understand that opting to place the subject in the center can make the image look too static and monotonous at times. Hence, they should take their shot in a location where their composition would look balanced.  Due to this reason, one may often find fashion shoots being done in unusual settings.
  • Tell a Story: One of the key errors that amateur fashion photographers make is not including any kind of visual narrative in their shoot. While browsing through a fashion magazine, one is likely to notice that there will be a theme that connects all the photos. These photos typically offer clues in relation to what is going on and help in grabbing attention. They ideally force the viewers to put greater focus on the narrative of the magazine feature. Including a cohesive concept in the fashion images will be helpful in compelling others to look at every image.

The photos of Bruce Weber Photographer have appeared in Vanity Fair, American Vogue, Interview, Italian Vogue, French Vogue, and GQ, among many others. Hence, going through his work will be a great way to improve the understanding of good fashion photography.