Benefits Of Wedding Place For Your Wedding Ceremony

The advantages of holding your wedding ceremony and reception in the same place are numerous. Understandably, why 70% of couples decide to keep their ceremony and reception at the exact location because it will save them time, and money, reduce their workload, and create a uniform aesthetic.

We’re sharing some of the benefits most couples enjoy by choosing one location for their wedding day when they choose to get married.

Cost Reduction

When choosing a single location for your wedding celebrations, there are various possible cost reductions, with decor reuse being the most popular.

Additionally, decorations like ceremony arches can take on a new purpose as backdrops for guest photos or as a display behind the head table. Programs can even serve as menus!

When choosing one location, transportation costs for the wedding party and guests are also decreased. Travel expenses are reduced for everyone by staying in one place, regardless of whether you would have leased a shuttle between the wedding and reception or guests would have found their way.

Wedding place in Khao Yai (สถาน ที่ จัด งาน แต่งงาน เขา ใหญ่, which is a term in Thai) is the best place for you.

Easier For Visitors

Your guests will be delighted to learn they only have one place to go on your wedding day! By choosing the exact location for the ceremony and the reception, you can cut down on travel time and make it simpler for out-of-town guests to find.

Choosing a single location also reduces the cost of using a car service like Uber or Lyft with a single destination.

Not to highlight that reducing travel time enables more long festivities!

Planning Is Simpler

Working with one location can help reduce some stress associated with wedding planning.

“Having everything in one location requires navigating the expectations, schedules, and representatives of two venues. While you juggle everything else involved in wedding planning, a one-stop store will be your best friend.

Hosting in one place also supports a unified design and look. You can more easily carry out your wedding idea if you reserve the exact location for the ceremony and reception.

Facilities that provide space for ceremonies and receptions are also skilled at “flipping” their area efficiently. The crew at Vue Columbus quickly turns your ceremony setting into a reception-ready environment while you and your guests are enjoying happy hour or taking post-ceremony pictures.

Additionally, if you choose the exact location for your reception, the “wow” factor won’t be diminished. The ceremony room is redone soon after you say “I do” and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.