Why Iris Flower is So Special? – A Guide to Wisdom Plant

Many people love flowers. What kind of flower do you like the most, especially when it comes to gardening? If you look for a flower that contains beautiful meaning, here we will tell you all about iris flowers. This species is a popular gifting bloom that is identical for its unique structure, combined with stunning colors that appeal to the eyes.

The question of “why the iris flower is so special?” becomes popular. This type is claimed for its advantages for life. What makes it more interesting is the versatility of iris flowers that you may rarely find in another floral species. Read on facts about the iris flower that makes these beautiful blooms so special here!

Background story of iris flower

There are many flowering plants out there. Iris is one of the flowering plants under the Iridaceae botanical family. Becomes perennials that grow from bulbs, the species is often being used for ornamentals purposes, either in-home or commercial gardens.

One interesting fact about the herbs is that it initially appears many years ago, even before centuries. More specifically, Iris began around 1749 in Egypt. That was the period when King Thutmose III happened to conquer Syria, which later became the home to many irises species.

Being fascinated by their beauty, King Thutmose III immortalized irises by using sculptures at the Temple of Amon and in the gardens of Egypt.

Reasons why iris flower is special

Iris flowers have an interesting story to tell. After knowing how they originally began, there are more facts about this flowering plant that make them so special. If you haven’t heard about the plant beforehand, necessary to know the reasons why iris flowers are so special. Their sought-after blooms may captivate your heart.

  1. They have more than 200 species

Irises showcase their gorgeousness not only by their appearance but the number of their species. Bloom beautifully from spring to early summer, they have more than 200 species that divided into two categories, bulb irises, and rhizome irises.

The bulb ones are typical and will be dormant once they have bloomed. This type is smaller than the rhizome. The petals are also smaller. On the other side, the rhizome ones are identical in their ability to grow horizontally underground or partially underground. The flower they produce stand for their characteristics, way different from bulb irises.

  1. Beneficial for medicines and perfumes manufacturing

In some countries, iris flowers are high-valued. They are great to be used for medicinal purposes and the manufacturing of perfumes. The petals are not only beautiful in the eyes but also contain a good smell.

Indian and Egyptian are two countries that consistently develop irises into different kinds of medicine and perfume products. Specifically, the perfumes, in particular, are being used as offerings to God at religious ceremonies.

  1. Perfect for flower bouquets

With the variety of irises colors, no surprise to see this herb in many flower bouquet arrangements. Besides those beautiful popular flowering plant types, such as red roses, this flowering plant is also great to add color to your beautiful bouquets, especially the one that appears in a blue hue.

The blue color itself is well-known for the meaning of faith and hope, perfect to be gifted to anyone special in your life, for example, your love partner. Make them feel well-appreciated by sending a bouquet of blue irises.

  1. Can be produced into a beverage

Do you know that you can consume some part of the flowers? In irises, the seeds of the yellow flag iris, one of the plant’s types can be produced into a beverage.

First, you need to roast the seeds before using them for your daily intake. If you consume it regularly, it will impact your health. So, if you’re a person who considers body maintenance, you can try this plant’s seeds.

  1. Easy to grow

When it comes to gardening, most people usually prefer the ones that are easy to grow. Surprisingly, an iris flower takes part in it. With its short period of growth, you can experience the bloom of this beautiful herb twice a year, commonly in the summer.

  1. Great to cure skin and hair problems

Those who belong to a lover of natural ingredients would love this last fact. Yup, if you often experience both skin and hair problems, you can rely on the power of this flowering plant. It can cure your daily problems, including acne signs, split ends, and irritated scalp.

The perfect occasion to gift the special iris flower

As we mentioned above, this floral type fits to be crafted into a flower bouquet. You can hunt for flowers Singapore that often include iris flowers in each florist’s catalog. However, on what kind of occasion iris petals are perfect?

While the blue-colored ones are suitable to impress someone important in your love because of their faith and hope meanings, the purple-colored is perfect for birthdays, first date, or even anniversaries since it symbolizes wisdom and compliments.

On the other side, there is also the yellow-colored that is suitable for graduations, job promotions, and get-well-soon wishes.