What should I do before and after the procedure for Botox?

Botox is a neurotoxin produced by bacteria. It is used for several treatments and has proved to help people. It is used for treatments in cosmetics, especially for reducing wrinkles. In addition, it is injected to treat spasms, chronic migraine, excessive underarm sweating, temporomandibular joint disorder and incontinence. Botox can also give a very youthful appearance over time. 

However, there are certain things you should keep in mind and follow before and after the Botox procedure. Though the do’s and dont’s may vary based on the issue you are getting treated for, here are a few common things to follow. 

No Wine

Botox is safe and is a good treatment for your issues. However, sometimes you may get side effects like facial bruising. One way to avoid this is by not drinking wine for one week before your treatment. 

No Garlic 

Like wine, it is best to avoid garlic. You can avoid it both before and after the treatment to avoid bruising. 

Reduce the Exercise

Exercise can increase one’s blood pressure. Therefore, it is essential to not exercise during the day of treatment, and it is best to avoid it the next day as well. 

Do not use makeup

The foreign substances in the makeup can be hard on your skin. So after the botox treatment, wait for a few days before you start applying makeup. Doing it sooner might result in the foreign substances reacting with Botox treatment and cause discomforts like redness or swelling. 

Use an alternate gentle cleanser

If you use an aggressive facial cleanser, it would be helpful if you switch to something lighter and gentle. Using gentle facial cleansers will reduce the possibility of infections. 

Avoid anti-inflammatory medicines

When it comes to wrinkles or other cosmetic purposes, you might start enjoying the results in a few days. Ideally, avoiding anti-inflammatory medicines a week before and a few days after getting the treatment is best. 

Avoid heat

After you get the botox treatment, it is good to avoid the outdoors. Your skin can become inflamed by the heat and the sun. In such situations, your skin might react and cause redness or swelling. So avoid the sun, tanning beds, heat lamps and other heat-related products for at least a day after getting the injection. 


The healing process of the injection site may vary based on the individual and the kind of botox treatment undertaken. So it is safer not to rub your face, which might prolong the redness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will botox work immediately?

In the case of chronic migraines, you can not expect to see the results immediately after the first injection. However, after the second or third treatment, you will see the wonders botox is capable of. 

Is there a recovery period after the botox treatment?

There aren’t any such essential recovery or rest periods. Instead, you can return to your everyday routines after the treatment. 

Should I skip washing the face?

It is good if you can avoid watching the face or applying any lotion for a minimum period of at least six hours after the treatment.