What is the Truth About Charcoal Teeth Whitening and Oral Health?

Charcoal toothpaste has all the hype! These toothpastes are used to remove stubborn stains from your teeth. Further, they give you sparkling white teeth. These toothpastes remove all stains from your teeth. However, are these really that good? It is still a big question in front of the dentist in Eastover, Charlotte, NC! This article unfolds the truth about charcoal teeth whitening and oral health. So, without any delay, here we go! 

Reasons to use charcoal toothpaste carefully

Charcoal is a popular ingredient that needs to be used carefully to avoid all side effects. There are several reasons why you must use charcoal toothpaste carefully. These include: 

1. These are abrasive in nature!

Charcoal is a harsh material that can wear down your enamel with time, causing several dental issues. These include tooth decay and cavities. Additionally, your teeth may appear yellow because of extreme exposure to dentin. This also adds to the overall tooth sensitivity. 

2. Free from fluoride 

Fluoride is important to maintain your teeth. It is vital to strengthen your tooth enamel. This prevents tooth decay and cavities. Many believe that using charcoal toothpaste every day makes your teeth more prone to dental problems.

3. Charcoal stains your teeth 

Another major reason why you must use charcoal toothpaste safely is that it can easily accumulate within your teeth crevices and cracks, adding more to the already existing dental issues. 

4. Unknown about dental restoration 

The effects of charcoal on the materials used to create veneers, crowns, bridges, and white fillings are currently unknown. Charcoal granules may accumulate in the space between them, producing a gray or black outline.

Pros of charcoal toothpaste 

Some major pros of the charcoal toothpaste are: 

  1. Charcoal toothpaste helps remove tooth surface stains 
  2. Charcoal toothpaste improves bad breath 
  3. If used occasionally, charcoal toothpaste prevents staining. 

Final words

Quite recently, charcoal toothpaste has gained a lot of attention. These are highly effective in whitening your teeth. However, there are many home remedies that you may rely on. We hope this article helped you understand about charcoal teeth whitening. Make sure you follow a comprehensive oral health routine for excellent teeth and gums.