What is Floor Plan? What importance it has in construction?

Floor Plan refers to one of the many technical drawings of the Architectural Project. It is based on viewing the building from a top view. This view is made from an imaginary horizontal clipping plane located 1.5 m above the floor. In this way, it is as if everything above this clipping was removed. Thus, only what was below the plane can be seen, making the positioning of the masonry (walls) clear.

With the apparent positioning of the masonry, the spaces for use of the building (rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.) are delimited. Not only the rooms, but also the location of the frames (doors and windows), corridors and plumbing fixtures are seen. Thus, the main physical aspects of each floor present in the structure are highlighted. However, do you know how to read floor plans?

Importance of this technical drawing

The first design to be developed to form an idea is the floor plan. It is from this that the other drawings can be made, that is, the drawings of elevations, sections, facades, coverage and implantation. Consequently, it is the basis for the launches of future adjacent projects. From there, the drawings of electrical, hydraulic, sanitary, telephone, prevention and firefighting installations are made. Not only that, but also the lightning protection system as well as the structural and foundation design.

A quality team

Having a well-educated team, close to experts in the field and educated in the field, helps in development. Do not invest money in a company with a disunited team. Always look for a company that is interested and has a harmonious working environment. In fact, this is reflected in your project.

Maintain good communication with the company

Having a good relationship with the company in which the project is being carried out enables greater assertiveness in the conclusion, making your dream come true and especially a project without disagreements. In this way, you reduce the setbacks. Do not be afraid to break paradigms and give your opinion.

A team aware of the challenges present in the work

A team present and aware of all the problems existing in the work makes it possible to reduce possible project errors. Be patient. Did you ever hear that saying? Well, a good project can take time to complete. This is because it involves the hard work of several members with problems to be solved.

Invest in quality

As a final piece of advice, invest in quality. Do not think about spending less and for that, giving up having an excellent floor plan. The money saved in a work planning, as already explained, can result in higher-than-expected expenses. As the saying goes, cheap can be expensive. Draw or upload your floor plan in Foyr Neo 3D floor plan creator and understand each aspect.

Based on the analysis, the first drawings appear in the preliminary study, when the architect uses his creativity to design the best solutions for the use of the property with the individualization of environments and the relationship between spaces. At this stage, here are delivered: plans, sections, elevations and a supporting memorial, which may also include perspectives, volumetric model and a cost analysis.