The disadvantages of playing live blackjack

Over the last several decades, gaming technology has advanced significantly, allowing blackjack lovers to play their favorite game in real-timein online casino Malaysia. Almost all online casinos now provide live blackjack tables where players can have their cards dealt by real-life dealers.

This has added a social element to the game because you can speak and banter with other blackjack fans while playing at a slower speed. The live action of live blackjack is streamed in HD straight to the screens of players’ desktop and mobile devices, giving them the ultimate real-life experience. The cards are dealt by professional dealers who frequently speak with players in their native tongue.

Since the first web-based casinos opened their doors over two decades ago, online blackjack has been a popular game. Initially, online blackjack games relied entirely on the work of random number generators (RNG). The RNG is software that computes the random outcome of each hand using a seed number and complicated algorithms.

Long sequences of random numbers with no visible patterns are used. As a result, the outcomes of each hand are fully independent of the others. Hardware-based and software-based Random Number Generators are the two types of RNGs. The second type is often used in online casinos. The seed for this technique comes from repetitive yet random computer-based operations like mouse clicks, keystrokes, or the PC clock.


You must wait for the other players to make their selections before you can act on your hand, many live blackjack varieties feature a slower pace. This is true in both online and land-based casinos. While this slower pace may annoy some gamers, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It causes you to play fewer rounds each hour, resulting in smaller hourly losses for players who use basic strategy.

Live casinos, like their land-based counterparts, take all necessary safeguards to prevent advantaged players from abusing the game by employing techniques such as card counting and shuffle monitoring. Continuous Shuffling Machines (CSMs) are used at many live blackjack tables, with the dealers returning the discards to the shuffler after every few rounds. Counting cards or looking for shuffling patterns is obviously impossible under such circumstances.

However, there are live tables where the dealers manually shuffle the decks and deal cards from a standard shoe. Card counting is possible, but pointless, at such tables because the dealers allow only a 40 percent to 50 percent penetration between reshuffles.

There may be a problem with full tables in live blackjack online. You take a comfortable seat on your comfortable sofa, grab your phone, log into your account, and open your favorite blackjack version only to discover that all of the seats are already taken.

You’ll have to wait for a player to leave a betting position if betting behind isn’t an option or you’re just not interested. However, this is a slight drawback that can be readily remedied by playing varieties of blackjack that support an endless number of players, such as Infinite Blackjack.