Switch Boards:What Are They Used For?  

As electricity progresses, so does the simplicity and convenience of using these electrical products. Numerous factors keep electricity flowing all around you. One of the most crucial components of the power supply is an electric switchboard, which can ensure the supply runs properly. Here, we go into greater detail about online switchboards and the many types:


An electric switchboard is a device that produces energy from one or more sources and distributes it to various smaller regions for consumption. Switches on several panels that are connected allow electricity to be directed.

The main portion and the distribution section are the two sections that make up a switchboard. However, systems are improving today, and there are now combination sections that combine both into one.

Their primary function is to separate the current provided to the switchboard into smaller currents for additional power distribution and to safeguard and protect the numerous currents.

Switchboard Types

There are many different sizes and styles of switchboards.

SwitchBoards For General Use

In general-purpose switchboards, you can find integrated insulated circuit breakers, moulded case circuit breakers, fused switches, metering, and surge protection. A general-purpose switchboard can handle the great majority of switchboard applications.

Fusible Switchboards 

In the commercial, industrial, and service entry applications, fusible switchboards are utilised to protect and switch feeder and branch circuits. Each panelboard unit has a switching contact structure with an instantaneous trip element.

Commercial Metering Switchboards

They contain circuit breakers, chassis, surge protection, and metre sockets in a single, engineered unit. The utility may require electronic tenant metres or watt-hour metres in the shape of bulbs for metering.

Pull-out Moulded Case Switchboards

Draw-out moulded case switchboards can draw out one or more feeder breakers in addition to having the same basic properties as a general-purpose switchboard. Draw-out moulded case switchboards are frequently used in sensitive applications like healthcare and data centres to prevent system downtime when a breaker needs to be replaced.

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