Reshape Your Face Naturally With Suitable Chin Augmentation

A long nose, big eyes, and symmetric chin make a beautiful face. A proportionate look is a dream of every person and helps you look gorgeous as ever. A weak chin impacts the overall look of your face, and sometimes it makes your nose look more prolonged than usual. Chin filler injections can help you. But, Chin surgery silicone short legs provide a required V-shape to the chin so you can have a structured face. 

What Is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure that aims to reshape the chin and helps you balance your facial features. We can do this in two ways: with the silicone implant process and jawbone reshaping. Both ways enable you with a proportionate face. The most preferable is chin surgery silicone short legs (เสริม คาง ขา สั้น, which is the term in Thai). 

Chin surgery is used to increase the length of the chin. You can select the shape and size of the v-shape you will add to your face. For example, you can choose between V-shape, round V-shape, v-noi, and other V-shapes. 

When Do You Need Chin Augmentation?

You can have silicone chin augmentation if you want to reshape your face. Silicone augmentation can also suit people with cut and receding chins. Individuals with double chins and uneven on both sides can undergo this surgery. Overall, we can say that chin augmentation helps reshape any chin shape. 

How To Select The Best Silicone Augmentation For Your Face?

Every person has a different face shape, and you can have silicone surgery even if you have a round, oval, or square face. You should have silicone surgery per your face shape so that your face looks proportional, and your face will look proportional if your upper face, middle face, and lower face are equal. While selecting the one, imagine your face in these three parts. The doctor may perform surgery in his clinic, office, or outpatient clinic. 

Who Uses Chin Surgery Silicone Short Legs?

There are two significant types of chin surgery with silicone implantations. They use the chin surgery silicone short legs for people who want to increase the length of the skin up to 3cm. It gives a perfect semi-circular shape to the chin making it look natural. They use chin surgery silicon surgery for long legs more than 3cm. Doctors will prescribe you this only if it suits your face type. 


Choose silicone with good quality. It will be wise to talk to the doctor before you opt for surgery.