Leaky Roof? Try These Repair Tips At Home

No one likes leaky roofs. Imagine the water dripping from the roof all the time. The foul smell and watery area all the time. It makes our living so uncomfortable. Calling the leakage professional is one of the appropriate ways to a leaking roof repair (ซ่อมหลังคารั่ว, which is the term in Thai).

There are times when you cannot wait for a professional to arrive and work for you. Also, it is not always wise to call professionals for minor leakage repairs. There are some leakages that you can fix by yourself at your home only.

What Are The Common Causes Of Roof Leakage?

To repair a leaky roof efficiently, it is always wise to know the reason behind the leakage. It will help you reach the exact location of the leakage and repair it like a pro.

Equipment That Is Attached To The Roof

Sometimes we attach equipment or furniture to the roof with nails. Because of these nails, cracks forms in the roofs, and sometimes the cracks are so deep that leakage occurs.

Leak Due To Roof Extension

Another common reason for leaky roofs is roof extension. Due to some reason, you might extend your roof by some inches. If the extension doesn’t go well, there is the possibility of a leak.

The cracking of tiles cracking of times in the bathroom area or other areas may also cause roof leakage.

The Gap Is Caused Due To Wall Cracks.

Cracks in the walls eventually develop a gap between the wall joints. Due to this, you can see leakage through the wall joints from the roof area.

What Happens If Leaky Roofs Are Kept Unattended?

Roof leakages are serious. It will be wise if you take leaking roof repair seriously. Because it may cause the following things:

  • You May See Moldy Brown Stains On The Roof
  • Your Wall Near The Leakage May Crack Or Break Further
  • Risk Of Electrical Equipment Damage Nearby The Leakage
  • Accidents May Cause Because Of Tiles Breakdown

How To Cure Leaky Roofs At Home?

You can also repair the leaking roof at your home like a professional. You can use waterproofing bitumen tape for repairs and also different types of waterproofing seal chemicals. You will also get leakage repair chemicals in the market that include sunblock materials so that your home remains cool during summer.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

You can prevent your roof from leaking by keeping an eye on it timely. Also, if you want that leakage not to occur again and again, ensure that you use a better company leakage product for it.