It is time to become a man: plan a bachelor party with your friends

Even if marriage does not mean the end of extravagant parties, a symbolic farewell to the wild time is definitely part of the wedding celebrations. The end of the bachelor life was already celebrated in ancient Greece. Traditionally, the idea is to prepare the bride and groom separately for the marriage ceremony. 

The maid of honor is the boss and decides

In the age of WhatsApp groups, there is a great temptation to involve all guests in the planning. Rather save yourself the stress of discussing every little thing with all participants. Get the others involved, but make it clear that as groomsmen, you pull the strings and have the final say in organizing the bachelorette party.

Your bachelorette party ideas must please the newlyweds

The idea sounds logical, but is often lost in the course of planning. Sure, here and there you can suffer a bit. After all, the one-time bachelor party should also be unforgettable in a beautiful way. A good start to the day is also beneficial. Of course, the party details remain in the dark, but a few scary hints are allowed, so that the suspense is not neglected.

Bachelor party shirts & accessories

One of the most important things is that the bachelorette party is not a lame event. That is why the group should be in a good mood and motivated, but above all pull together. On the one hand, you create a group feeling with the same look: bachelor party shirts or a whole costume matching the motto must be there. 

Stag party games

To ensure that guests never get bored, everyone should be involved at all times. So think about interesting games and fun tasks in which not only the bridal couple is in action, but also the whole group is fully involved. Most of the time, you will remember the fun games for years, so you should prepare well for them.

Keep track of the bachelor party

As witnesses and organizers of the spectacle, it is important to keep a clear head. Even if all the guests at the party get drunk uncontrollably – at least one person should remain approachable and ensure that there is no fiasco. A drunken bachelor or a half-naked dancing bachelorette does not go down well in the souvenir photos. 

Photos, photos and more photos

Like the wedding, the bachelor party needs to be captured from front to back. Does a guest like to take photos? Ask him. Therefore, you do not have to worry about it as a groomsman. An alternative here is the disposable camera, with which each guest can record his or her impressions. 

Divide costs among the guests

If you want to do something unique, we suggest you to rent Toronto limo or a party bus. The price is affordable. You can also distribute the costs among the guests. It is best to calculate as precisely as possible in advance so that there are no nasty surprises and you also know exactly which spontaneous activities require you to shout stop. It is better if you collect a little more money in advance.