Change the pot of your plants to a new pot entirely as the soil will gradually wash out through the bottom of the nursery containers. If a particular plant stays in the same nursery container for many years someone could end up with a pot that is full of roots and there will be no much soil in the nursery container again and this will make it look like the plant has eaten up the soil and it will call for having to repot the plant into another container. The process of changing plants from some nursery containers into another set of nursery containers is a work that must be done with utmost care as if it is not done safe one may lose their plant and get it to just dry up, this can be painful and put long year labor into futility that is why you must put in all of the carefulness that is required in repotting now so that you won’t have to tell the sad story of the death of your plants.

Firstly, in repotting your plant you must get a suitable potting mix and that is with you putting into consideration the specie of your plant, by now you already know that different plants thrive with different types of the mix based on their species and also the type of nursery containers that apply to your plant. It is usually advisable that you get nursery containers that are about 2 – 3 inches bigger than the former one you are removing the plant from and after all these have been put into proper consideration then you can proceed to remove the plants from the old nursery containers. 

If you notice wrinkles and contracted roots you want to carefully pull them and remove them as they are old rotted roots. After that, then you have your rootball cleaned off and ready to be planted into the new container with the potting mix. You understand the rules to be sure to make use of nursery containers that have adequate drainage and make your plant sit in the new pot such that the top of the root ball is below the rim add the soil with a spoon and fill it adequately. After that, you want to light water the plant and keep the plant under the sun for about one week.