Difference between types of the slot screen

Slot screens are a type of wedge wire screens that require high precision in screening. They need screens that are capable of carrying heavy loads and pressure. While searching for this, we have a pro slot screen’s potential outcomes that fit your budget. We offer a unique design with a wide range of profiles and parameters ideal for the mechanical filtration and separation of liquids and solids. 

In this article, you might see the difference between some of the slot screens. 

  • Precise punched slot screen

Precise punched slot screen consists of another type that is a perforated base pipe, stainless steel filtration jacket along with punched slot holding a backup ring. The base pipe comprises API casing or API tubing with various drilling holes. 

The filtration jacket, along with a punched slot screen, is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is a spatial slot in high density covered with digital control precise punching. 


  • Slot handling with precise control 

The slot size ranges from 0.30 to 1.00 mm, with its accuracy ranging from 0.05mm. So, in this case, it can match the formation sand with different particle sizes and meet the requirement of sand control as well. 

  • Comes with a strong anti-corrosion ability 

Stainless steel filtration jackets and punched slot screens strongly resist acid, salt, and alkali. It is highly adaptive to co2, and h2S, enabling space between slots and building corrosion in long-term usage. 

  • Builds an excellent strength and strong anti-deformation ability towards it. 

The most integral part of the jacket is supporting the base pipe and protecting the outer shroud. The necessary strength of base pipes is merely 2-3% less than standard casing or tubing. 

  • The slotted pipes 

Slot screen perforated pipes are slotted pipes. They are using an oil exploration that can prevent 99% sand and decrease 80% of the oil that is well prepared for heavy repairs, which increases the oil well’s strength with integrity and stability, keeping in mind the sand. 

Meanwhile, while coming to laser incisions can make tiny cuts on a smooth surface and high precision. Although its structure is straightforward, it is defined as an effective small cut into a tube wall. 


  • The slotted screen is a solid, robust, cost-effective solution for long-term and low-productivity wells. 
  •  It offers straight and mild keystone slots in many patterns to satisfy open space. 
  • It consists of high rigid resisting scrape and abrasion, anti-corrosion, high-intensity, and distribution channels. 

  • Perforated metal slot screen 

It acts the same manner as screen cloth, but the screen is used as a significant product in every manufacturing company made out of punching holes out of steel plate. It is also used in various industries, such as steel making and stone quarrying. 


  • Consists of a wide variety in thickness, hole types, and sizes 

In addition to metal suitable for the material, the plate thickness and the hole pattern can be chosen considering load-carrying capacity in an open area ratio. 

  • Easy processing 

The perforated metal slot screen can be quickly processed according to the screen cloth, which is readily weldable. It is used in various ranges of industries. 

Over to you 

We hope at the end of the article, you know the difference between each slot and hence consider it before making any purchase.