BBQs 2u Interacts with Customers to Understand Their BBQ Needs

People like it when they get to organise barbecue and pizza parties once in a while to bring together the whole family and friends at least for a few hours. The same goes for the shipping cruises where there will be an organisation of grill parties. The products of the Kamado Joe Classic series and Napoleon BBQs have never failed in becoming an important part of such family parties and get together.

BBQs 2u is the destination that has catered the top quality products to all such family events and gatherings in many places such as Canada, the UK, the US, and some Asian countries. They have a network worldwide and are the first preference when it comes to buying any grill or barbeque units of the Napoleon, and Kamado Joe Classic series.

Kamado Joe – Classic III is the hottest, and also the newest addition to the world of Kamado Joe grills. They are the new addition to the Classic series and have many extended features when compared to their predecessors such as Classic II and Classic I. The additions to Classic III include the side shelves with some best improvements, and the insertion of the hyperbolic smoke chamber into the unit.

The addition of extra features to Classic III has made them just the most preferred unit while searching for the Kamado Joe grills. The side tables offer an extra place for the chefs to utilise for either making preparations while cooking, or while exchanging the cooked food with the food items that need cooking. The improved shelves offer space for keeping all the required ingredients and accessories together and also within arms’ reach while cooking.

The Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber is the newest addition to the world of Kamado Joe Classic. This smoke chamber utilises the available smoke flavour from the heating unit and adds the flavour to the food items that are getting cooked inside the grilling units. There is enough space between the smoke chamber and the cooking area so that no over the influence of smoky flavour is offered to the food items.

Napoleon products came into existence because of the idea of 3 friends that were trying to come up with an idea of a type of stove that can help them not only cook but also barbecue the food items. The first invention of the Napoleon BBQs was in the 1980s and the product has been improvised since then.

The designing team of Napoleon works on working with the customers and their requirements in such a way that they understand what the customers are looking for in their products. They implement such fresh ideas in their next inventions and understand how the customer sector and their requirements work. As a result, they are best known for their wonderful customer service, awesome quality products, and extended warranties and guarantees.

Both the Kamado Joe and Napoleon manufacturers get in touch with their customers via BBQs 2u and their social media sites. It is an indirect approach, but they will make sure that they understand how to improvise their products. The customers can find more information about the recent additions to the BBQs 2u website by checking their Facebook accounts.