A Handbook for Lawyers Looking to Employ a Court Reporter

This is a thought exercise for you to consider: Do you believe that a person in need of legal assistance should choose their attorney only on the basis of cost? To put it plainly, the response is “No.” Nonetheless, there are several instances of attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries selecting a court reporting service only on the basis of price. The thinking is that because a court reporter is a court reporter, you may as well choose the least expensive court reporters nyc to save your client money.

In actuality, it is completely untrue. Lawyers and litigators with experience know that selecting a court reporting company with exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable reporters may have a significant impact on how a case develops and is presented.

Do The Court Reporters You Employ Possess The Most Current Training And Certifications?

Almost all states either follow the National Court Reporters Association’s standards or have their own. It is essential to have a court reporter with state or national certification. Find out how the organization assures the accuracy and privacy of its stories, as well as the reporters’ security clearances and background checks. Every court reporting service is built on the foundations of accuracy and secrecy. You should be able to get details from your preferred provider about their accuracy and privacy guarantees. It should cover everything, including how to store and distribute transcripts as well as how to choose reliable reporters.

Are any of your court reporters particularly experienced in the areas of medical malpractice, patent infringement, and intellectual property proceedings?

It takes a skilled and knowledgeable court reporter to handle intricate legal matters. It is best to look for court reporters for depositions that have familiarity with technical, medical, or engineering terms. This will guarantee a thorough documentation procedure free from interruptions. Your appeal will be supported by an accurate and comprehensive record if you work with a court reporting business that uses qualified reporters, which will increase the likelihood of your victory.

What Is The Estimated Cost And What Else Is Included With This Deal?

It goes without saying that you’ll want to know the whole cost. However, you should be careful to ascertain which characteristics are incorporated precisely. Your selected court reporting agency should be able to provide you with prompt quotations for appearance fees, transcript page rates, and other expenses.

Do You Provide Quick Turnaround Times For Transcripts?

Your court reporting company may provide transcripts in hard copy and electronic versions that are searchable and indexed, among other forms. Remember to enquire about transcripts in real-time streaming as well as archiving possibilities. Whether your phone ahead, you may find out whether they can provide you what you need when you need it.


A deposition may need to be scheduled with little notice. If you just have two or three days to prepare, you should still work with a firm that can meet all of your expectations. To make sure a reporter is available for your deposition, find out how long in advance you must call the court reporting company. Check out the company’s website and write an email to see if you can schedule appointments at your convenience.